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Kourtney Kardashian

Né le : 18 avril 1979 (39 ans)
Nationalité : Etats-Unis


PHOTO: Tous les piercings de la famille Kardashian! Ces fashionistas ont toute donné de leur corps à ces bijoux pas comme les autres!...

PHOTO: Soirée latex chez les soeurs Kardashian Les deux soeurs semblent s'être déguisées pour l'une des soirées...

Kylie Jenner : pourquoi passe-t-elle à côté de son adolescence ? Kylie Jenner entretient une relation beaucoup trop compliquée avec un homme de plus de...

Selena Gomez, Beyonce : les stars les plus belles à la plage         Kim Kardashian et sa soeur Kourtney : SEXY !...

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Il y a 2 ans 10 mois Signaler ce commentaire
Hi Scott , great reviews what you have done .. i pcshuared my first E-cig nearly 2 weeks ago after watching your videos i decided on the Evolution , i bought 2 starter packs one for me and 1 for my wife , i have been very impressed and i havn't had a real cigarette for nearly 2 weeks , The 2 minute cutout gets a bit annoying at times as they cut out even before the 5 second draw sometimes.
Il y a 5 ans 6 mois Signaler ce commentaire
A quote from a very recent post from Heather: It is very stganre to see my face on the local news as an anchor talks about my marital problems. And to read about it in the local paper. And to see news organizations in other countries speculating about what went wrong. Strange. That's it. I'm not angry about it because I know I'm a public figure or persona or whatever it is you want to call me. I don't expect anyone to afford me privacy at this time. Would it be nice? Yes, of course, but I understand human nature. I've been writing openly about my life for almost eleven years, so people are going to talk about this. And awful things will be written. That's just reality. And I accept it. She has a good head on her shoulders and I don't think she has any unrealistic expectations for people to totally ignore the fact that she and Jon are getting a divorce. It is, however, creepy for people to obsess over her personal life and it shows a blatant lack of respect for her and her young children. Obviously those of us who have been reading dooce.com for years are concerned for her happiness and general wellness but she has every right to create boundaries for boneheads who don't know what the heck a boundary' is.
Il y a 6 ans 9 mois Signaler ce commentaire
i am happes for kourtney and for scott disick because she is pregnant
Il y a 7 ans 7 mois Signaler ce commentaire
AFAIC that's the best asnwer so far!
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